Sunday, September 28, 2014


I believe in you more today than yesterday, that's good enough for me.
Sometimes I feel crazy believing in a man I cannot see,
but I know you're real...
because you've met me in my pain many times.

I'm not good at perfect
never have been, never will be.
These feet have walked a selfish road,
I thought the sun rose just for me.
I'm beginning to see and finally grasp
that beyond my little world,
there's a billion people
looking to find their purpose
searching to find who they're meant to be.

These tear soaked eyes haven't seen the last of their crying.
You never said this life would be easy or void of pain,
but in the midst of the pounds of my fists,
the screams, the pleas,
the restless nights, the longest of fights,
you promise me yourself.

A promise of hope.

There really is someone who understands, who holds our hand.
There really is a man who sits beside us when we think we're alone,
and catches our tears in his hands.
There really is one who sees the darkest parts and doesn't condemn,
but steps down from his throne to join me in the dust,
the very dust he formed me from. 
He sees it all.
He comes to my level, grabs my face and says, 
"child, you're not a disgrace."
There really is a God who sings a love song over my lifeless soul.
He's someone I long to know. 

I'm done talking about you when I can talk to you.
I'm through saying all the right things, knowing all the right answers, 
wearing this mask that holds me back from being seen
by the one who sets me free.  
That's all I want to be; close to you and free.


  1. This is a very profound and deeply moving post. I'm glad your mom made your blog accessible. You express your abiding faith so beutifully!

  2. Honest, heartfelt, real, ...hopeful. And good.

  3. Honest, heartfelt, real, ...hopeful. And good.