Thursday, September 25, 2014

journal entry. [ambassadors of Christ]

Since Adam and Eve, this world has been rapidly declining in the areas of justice and righteousness.  For a people made in the image of God, we sure don't represent Him well.  We are called to live lives that resemble a God of Holiness.  Corruption will be present as long as this world is present.  As a follower of Jesus I am supposed to be influencing this world, not the other way around.  Influencing a 'world gone mad' is no easy job.  We must understand what we believe and why, so that in the face of persecution our feet are not moved.  We must be able to walk into darkness and not be overcome.  Our lights must be so radiant that darkness is expelled.  We must be seen and noticed by those who don't know Jesus yet.  We are ambassadors of Christ, sent out to represent Him to a dying world. 

Do we look like Jesus as the body of Christ?  Or do we look more like the hypocritical Pharisees? 

There is a time coming when God will shake all that needs to be shaken.  He will shake us to the very core and we will stand in the very fire of God.  His all-consuming fire.  What we believe will be put to the test.  If we are open to the pain and suffering of God melting away the impurities from our lives, literally being stripped of everything that does not please him, I believe we will stand as an unshakeable bride.  We will need seasons like this if we are real about bearing the name of Jesus.  He wants no phony followers.  He doesn't want to entertain those who seek only butterflies, good feelings and miracles.  He is desiring to turn around and see an army of faithful followers behind him, with faces set like stone, willing to die for Him and for the sake of seeing His Kingdom advance.  He wants to return and take His Bride with Him. 

The culture of this world creeps in like a plague on those who are unaware and unprepared.  We must understand the characteristics and qualities of our heavenly Kingdom to even think about battling against another.  For our fight is not against flesh and blood.  Things like comparison will begin to creep in and take root, unless we understand that in the Kingdom of God comparison doesn't belong.  It only leads to death and diminishes the very person God made us to be.  With the help of Jesus we will train ourselves to capture evil thoughts, submit them to the authority of Jesus, receive truth and change culture. 

This is our job:  to show the world there's a better way and to turn its culture upside-down by revealing one of righteousness and truth. 

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