Sunday, December 25, 2011

He's the REASON for the SEASON!!!

Every year I like to ask myself the question: "What does Christmas mean to me?"
And every year the answer changes...

Christmas 2011: What does Christmas mean to me? 

It's simple...Jesus!  It's so crazy to think that thousands of years ago, the man that I call my best friend, savior, and lover of my soul, was born!  The man that my life is all about, that I base my days around spending time with, and including Him in everything I do.  AND TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!  I was telling my boyfriend, Caleb, on skype this morning how I don't understand why we make a HUGE deal out of our own birthdays, but when Christmas roles around we focus on ourselves, when we should be celebrating the Savior of the World's birthday, the King of all Kings!  We should be throwing Him the largest birthday party this world has ever seen, and invite all His children, those who follow Him and accept Him.  I'm sure He would be honored!  But, no...we spend Christmas spending thousands of dollars on things we most likely don't "need".  We completely forget what Christmas is all about.  It breaks my heart to see kids giving Santa more attention than the one who gave them life.  Santa gives us things that are temporary and only satisfy us for a short time, but Jesus gives us the ultimate gift of ETERNAL LIFE and HAVING A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!  It's like being best friends with the most famous dude in the whole universe!  It's AWESOME!!!

It blows my mind to think that God himself came in the form of a baby, the lowliest form a human can be.  Our infinite God became flesh and was a needy baby and lived on earth for about 33 years!  My mind cannot even grasp how humble my God is, and He did it all for US!  For me and you! 

So, this Christmas I am sooo thankful for the man Jesus Christ, He has changed my life and gave me hope!  I have learned so much from this man and can't wait to learn more!  Also, being away from my loving parents and amazing boyfriend this Christmas has given me such a thankful heart for family and loved ones.  I don't know where I would be in life without the breathtaking people God has placed in my life!  Thank you Jesus for blessing me with incredible people who love me so well!

Also, if you're reading this please take a few minutes and pray for my beloved boyfriend, Caleb.  He is spending Christmas in the Frankfurt, Germany airport away from family and friends.  He is on his way to Mozambique, Africa for 3 months!  Pray for safe travels and that the Lord's love will shower down on him everywhere he goes!  Anyway the Lord leads you to pray for him I'm sure will bless him so much! 

Have a Merry Christmas and God bless!!!

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