Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Rain.

On 11/9/11 I went on a date with Jesus to frozen yogurt.  Some of you are probably thinking..."how do you go on a date with someone who is invisible???" OH, IT'S POSSIBLE, and IT'S AWESOME!!!

I didn't feel released to share what Jesus spoke to me until today, and I'm really excited because I feel like His words were not only for me, but for all of Jesus' brides!

Context: Sitting with my eyes closed listening to the song "Sing my Love" by Kim Walker (if you haven't heard this song, definitely look it up =D)...opened my eyes and one second later, out of nowhere...TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR!!! I rode my moped to froyo, meaning I was STUCK there until the rain stopped.

Then the Lord spoke to me:

"Did you see how fast the rain came without warning?  A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR!!!  This is how I want you to experience my love.  It never lets up.  It drenches you from the outside to the core.  Some will try to find shelter, but my desire for you is to fully embrace it.  Dive head first into the endless water of my love.  Dance with me in the puddles.  Drink deep beloved.  Let the waters rise.  Let there be a flood of my love over you heart.  Listen to the thunder, what is it saying to you? 

"Awaken my bride, this is your destiny, to be drenched in my unending love.  Do not be afraid.  I'm ALL POWERFUL and MIGHTY!!!" 

When I pour down my love, it's not like the storms when the skies get black and it seems like all my creation goes into hiding.  The love I want to pour out is like when the sky is still sunny and randomly it begins to pour.  And immediately everyone looks for the rainbow.  My love ALWAYS produces a rainbow, and all my colors are reflected onto you.  My love transforms.  My love is unconditional.  Remember Brazil, when I showed you that rainbow?  I love blessing you!  My Father's heart burns with desire to show you this love at every moment, and it's just have to look for me, even in the storm."

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