Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Divine Plumbline.

I have been wanting to blog about Plumbline for a week now and I finally have free time, so here we go!

First of all, "The Divine Plumbline" (in my own words) is a counseling technique that uses a symbolic picture of a plumbline being held by God. The plumbline He is holding is the plumbline of our life. (If you don't know what a plumbline is, like I didn't know, here is a picture).

When we were first born, the plumbline was perfectly straight, creating a firm foundation and a completely straight wall. Meaning that when we were born He made us perfect, but as we got older we made mistakes and the walls of our lives began to grow crooked. So, pretty much as we began to stray away from God's perfect plan for our lives, because we are human, we began to either go down a path of rejection or rebellion. Down those roads we begin to create personality bricks like: depression, apathy, rigidness, superiority, etc.

So, the main point of plumbline is to bring awareness to your sins, realize what personality bricks you carry, make your hereditary and generational sin known, and whether your main sin is pride or unbelief. The idea is to repent of these things and forgive authority figures in your life who have caused you these insecurities and pains. 

I did plumbline during my DTS. A couple weeks ago, my FCM class spent 2 weeks doing lecture and ministry for plumbline. Lecture itself was intense and overwhelming, but to top it off we had a whole week of ministry time. Two of our leaders led the ministry time and they made sure to tell us that it was optional. They really challenged us to ask the Lord whether we should do it or not.

After break the second day I really felt the holy spirit convicting me to go up and receive His ministry. I was so nervous but I have learned to obey his voice. The first thing I did was read a letter I had written to myself. In the letter I forgave myself for everything I have done, kind of confusing, but it was really needed and powerful. Then I repented of all my sins and my personality bricks. I repented of my unbelief that God was not all good and that He was a condemning God. I then waited upon the Lord to see if He wanted to show or say anything to me. Right away I was taken into this video where I was standing in front of the cross where Jesus was crucified. Every time I repented of a sin, the sin would leave me and go to Him. When it reached his body, it hit Him and He cried out in excruciating pain. Watching this was so painful for me, I started crying hysterically. I just couldn't believe He would suffer like that for me. Watching the pain He was in and His facial expressions, so deeply touched my heart and gave me an enormous gratefulness towards Jesus. The verse that came to my mind at I was watching this powerful picture was Isaiah 53:4-5, which states:

"Yet it was our weaknesses he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God, a punishment for his own sins! But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed."
Then I got this vision of me standing in the most gorgeous ballroom I have ever seen, wearing the most beautiful, bright white wedding dress. The ballroom had mirrors on the walls and a huge chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The floor was laced with gold and there were jewels and rare stones everywhere. When I say it was gorgeous, that is a huge understatement. All of a sudden beautiful music started playing and the doors opened and Jesus walked in wearing all white too. He reached out His hand and we started dancing. I have never ballroom danced in real life but the way Jesus and I moved together seemed magical. As I looked in the mirror as I was twirling I caught a glimpse of God the Father and the Holy Spirit standing there watching Jesus and I dance. God was video taping us and Holy Spirit was saying "Aren't they beautiful together!" I will never forget this picture the Lord gave me and I can't wait for it to actually happen when I get to heaven.

After my ministry time I felt so relieved and free. I felt like chains were taken off my wrists. It was a beautiful experience and God showed up big time. Ministry week was exhausting but the break through and healing that happened was amazing. God is so real and faithful!


  1. Hi sweet girl - WOW, what a mature, moving, God inspired post!!! I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am to be priveledged to watch this amazing "transformation" taking place in you Kelly! You know you have always been a blessing...a gift from God, to me...BUT how much more of a blessing it is EACH DAY to see you growing, blooming and shining sooooo brightly FOR HIM!! My prayer for you (and each of you girls that I shared so much of my heart with) has always been that you would KNOW and experience HIS life changing Love and KNOW how amazingly beautiful you are in HIS eyes. NOTHING in this world can fill that place of longing in our souls. I am overcome by gratitude to my Lord for blessing my precious Kelly Weimer (and me)!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! (wiping snot and tears...surprise, right?! ;>)

  2. Kelly, It is so evident that God is doing amazing things in your life. Thank you for being so transparent and real about your process. It is such an encouragement to me in my own walk with the Lord. We are so excited to see all that the Lord has for you in the coming years. Thanks for letting us be apart of your journey. Praying for you.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I am so proud of you even though I do not know you. I searched the web to find out more about the Divine Plumbline. Our son is at the moment at YWAM and the Divine Plumbline is their topic for the week. It is his 3rd week with YWAM (South Africa - Worcester).

    Thank you for giving such a beautiful description of what the divine plumbline is all about.
    May God keep blessing you.
    Kind regards

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found your blog as I searched for "The divine plumbline" for a small sharing I'm having tomorrow about living in the truth. I recognised immediately your experience with mine in the Summer of 2010. It really changed my life to take that course with YWAM in Norway. Your thoughts helped me remembering what the plumbline was all about. Hope Jesus still is living strong in you, and that you are living in His Truth- the best place on earth to be!

    May God Bless you Richly!