Thursday, August 16, 2012

The beauty of this man.

"My precious daughter, I am creating a prince for you, but can you wait?  Can you rely on me as your love source in this waiting period?  I want to lavish my love on you more during this time than any other.  I know how much your heart hurts, I know this isn't easy.  Have faith that my timing is perfect and I am working in your prince so he will be perfect for you.  You are going to be blown away.  But for now, cling to me my daughter.  Don't let go, for its the times you let go when the world will seem like its crashing down all around you.  Wrap your arms around my neck and let me comfort you, let ME do the work.  This is a time for you to remember my love for you.  A time for you to receive, a time for you to be still in my presence.  I want to take you away to a special, deep place in my heart where there is no pain or confusion.  It's a place where the water is as still as glass and all you can hear is my voice and the faint sound of heaven's melodies.  Where peace is constant and the grass sways with the rhythm of my breath.  Where the wind is a reflection of the Holy Spirit, it speaks softly of my love for you.  Don't let this world steal your joy, don't listen to the voice of others, only mine.  All your value comes from me.  Don't be discouraged my child.  Don't think I don't know the depths of your heart, I care about the desires in your heart.  Your heart actually aligns with mine a lot more than you think.  I love your honesty.  Don't be afraid that I'm not going to bless you.  I want to bless you more than your brain can comprehend.  I adore you."

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  1. Beautiful... This reminds me of my 2 years in Bible College when God asked me to be single for a season. It was such a special time :)
    Hosea 2:14-20