Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The day before Easter we sat around a bonfire outside my aunt's house discussing where to go for Easter service.  We were trying to decide whether to go to Matt Urspringer's home church, New Wine, or the church Brenee' interns at, Mountainbrook.  We came to the conclusion that Mountainbrook would be the best bet so the team could meet Brenee' and scope out the church, for that Wednesday when we would be having our worship night there.  So, the next morning we drove "the beast" up to SLO and went to the Mountainbrook 9 am Easter service.  The location of the church was gorgeous, up on a huge grassy hill with horses grazing in the pasture beside the church.

In the middle of the service Annie tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a section in the church bulletin that read "PRAY FOR JESSICA".  I read further to find out she was in the UCLA Pediatric Hospital with Encephalitis which is irritation and swelling of the brain, most often due to infection.  The virus can cause wreckage of nerve cells, bleeding in the brain, and brain damage.  My heart was moved, considering my brother passed away from swelling of the brain.

The Lord reminded me of a vision He showed me.  In the vision He handed me a key with a bronze brain on the top.  He said,

"Kelly, I'm giving you access in heaven to the room with all the perfect brains in it.  All you have to do is ask and you will receive. Your brother wasn't healed because I had different plans, but I want to bless you and say that through your hands many brains will be healed and all will see my power and glory."

So, my first reaction to reading about Jessica was: WE NEED TO GO AND PRAY FOR HER!  Another guy on our team, Matthew Combe, read the first line and started weeping.  We knew the Lord wanted us there.  I asked Brenee' if she could contact the mom or us and when she called and said that a group of us wanted to come pray for her daughter her mom was moved to tears and said of course.  

The next morning I called the mom, Bonnie, to see when the best time to head down to LA would be, because it was an hour drive for us.  She said around 11, and it was already 9 am.  So, I woke up the boys and with a few minor complications, a coffee/potty break, and some car sickness, we made it to the Los Angeles Pediatric Hospital at 11 am. Thank You Jesus!

As we stepped into the hospital I could feel the spirit of death lurking around every corner just waiting to snatch the life of its next victim.  I could feel the sadness, depression, and hopelessness like a weight that couldn't be lifted. 

We found the east elevator and made the journey to Room 3527 to lay hands on a girl named Jessica who we have never met, only a sophomore in high school with a whole life ahead of her.  I thought I would be nervous to meet her, but a peace and compassion beyond understanding overtook my being and when I laid eyes on that beautiful girl, I couldn't help but cry.  

We explained to her that we read her story in the church bulletin and felt strongly to come and pray for her.  We were motivated to see a miracle.  As we began praying and speaking life over this beautiful young lady's body we felt other beings enter the room...angels.  Angels were standing by our sides contending for her weak body.  The Holy Spirit began to fill the room and as Matthew was praying I had a very intimate moment with God's beloved daughter.  I began stroking her forehead, just like I did when my brother was injured.  We looked into each others eyes and as she smiled at me and mouthed the words "praise the Lord", tears streamed down my face.  I was looking into the eyes of my sister in Christ, God's beloved who He treasures more than His own life.  I was looking into the eyes of a miracle.  She looked around the room and said, "You are people."  At first I wasn't sure what she meant, but I realized she must have seen the angels in the room.  That moment I looked into her eyes will forever be one of my favorite memories during this lifetime of mine =D 

We were almost done praying when the Lord reminded me of the vision of the key and the authority that I walk in as His daughter.  As I touched her head and began to declare healing over her brain, she began to twitch.  I believe Jesus was fixing her brain and the swelling was going down.  Matthew asked her what she thought or how she was feeling and she said with clear words, "I feel like you're as real as God."  Which is crazy because as we were driving to the hospital God spoke to Matthew and said, 

"As you stand by her, so will I." 

Before we left I gave Jessica my cross necklace so she could hold it when she was scared or in pain and as a symbol of victory and overcoming our trials.  

Once we said our goodbyes and left the room I was overcome with grief.  I began weeping from the moment we left the room.  I can't even explain what I was feeling.  It was like a mix of redemption, love, a mother's heart, grief stricken pain, and desperation to see healing.  My brother (in Christ), Matthew, just held me in his arms as I poured out my tears before the throne.  I was a broken mess.  My heart had been torn for Jessica.  I had felt a sliver of God's love for her and couldn't contain myself.  A SLIVER!  I believe with all my heart that Jessica will be leaving that hospital soon and that ALL will see the glory and power of the Lord through her testimony.  

Keep Jessica in your prayers please!!!


  1. Kelly, my darling, sweet daughter . . . I am crying uncontrollably as I read this post. Even though you told me this story last night on the phone, reading it again, in your descriptive, honest words, just hit me so hard . . . in a good way. I hope and pray that God uses you to heal people with brain injuries . . . it would be such a redemptive gift for God to give you after what you went through losing your only brother. I know Zach is so proud of you and is honored that you share his story with others. I love you so much and am so thankful God has given you to me as my precious daughter!

  2. This is just beautiful.. Had to get my tissue box out! I love how God redeems many things! When I was looking for blogs to read, I have to say that your blog stood out! I really sensed there is an anointing on your life! Hold on to that vision sister and see what amazing healings Jesus will do through you :)