Sunday, April 1, 2012

Burning Heart Tour.


It's all about Jesus.

The past six months of my life I have been attending the School of Worship in Kona, Hawaii with YWAM, then interning for the school and serving the Kona base in the area of worship.  Jesus blessed me with incredible people to run with for the past 6 months, a group of crazy, radical lovers, who coincidentally have the same passion as me: to usher in the presence of the Lord and to provide an atmosphere for people to encounter the living God.

A group of about 4 of us began dreaming together.  God began wrecking us with His heart for the United States.  We have all been to different countries doing ministry, but for the Lord to give us a heart for our own "home" was heartbreaking, but compelling.  The United States is a corrupt land and the bride has been sleeping for way too long.  God stirred within us to gather a group of revivalists and tour the U.S. starting in California. 

Our vision:
We want to see God ignite burning hearts, release His furious love, and sweep across the nation to see His army and bride awakened, to rise up and become the generation He has set them apart to be.  Our job as a team is to be empty, spirit-led vessels before Him...and say to Him just like Isaiah in the throne room: "Lord, send me!" 

It is an honor and privilege to partner with the Lord in seeing His kingdom come!  Be praying for us as we arrive in California on April 3! 


ME - Knoxville, TN
Matthew Urspringer - Camarillo, CA
Matthew Combe - Grant's Pass, OR

Michael, Annie, Zion McClanahan - Nashville, TN 

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