Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vertically Aligned.

This is just a little something I wrote during class today:

I don't care if I ever start a ministry, or if I ever receive my life calling.  My life calling is being a daughter of the Most High.  I don't care if I ever go anywhere or have a career.  I don't care if my name is ever highlighted or if I'm ever recognized for good works I've done.  I don't care if I take one more step, or hear God's voice ever again.  I can say this because I KNOW WHO I AM IN HIM.  I don't need this world to tell me who I am.  I live for the audience of oneHE is my INHERITANCE.  If I died today, I would die satisfied.  I would die knowing that my Heavenly Father adores me and that my purpose and identity was in Him and Him alone.  Yeah, I lived as a sinner, but big WHOOP, WE ARE ALL SINNERS.  Because of Jesus I was made righteous and everyday He looked at me as pure and holy.  Yeah, I made mistakes, but I wouldn't have traded any moment, because God's hand was in it ALL!

Lord, I pray for those who don't know their true identity.  I pray Father that they would realize that they are your sons and daughters and you created them for intimacy with you.  I pray for all those who have been so deceived by this world and were told that they were nothing unless they had a career or unless they made their name known.  I pray you would break that Jesus, that the enemy would no longer tell your sons and daughters lies about who they are.  That the enemy would no longer have influence on your children.  I pray we would take a stand and say NO MORE!  Father, we proclaim that WE ARE YOURS!!!  You made each of us the way we are for a reason, and that reason is PERFECT!  You made each of us with a purpose, and that purpose is PERFECT!  Jesus, you are the way, the truth, and the life...I pray we would walk with that knowledge on the tip of our tongues at all times, and that anything that doesn't align with that, we would toss out and recognize them as lies.

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