Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today I bought Malachi this 3-D shark pencil box.  I saw him eying it at Target yesterday and felt the Lord nudge me to buy it for him. 

The main reason he wanted it so bad was because it had a lock and key. 

I remember as a kid loving anything that had a key I could hide.  It was extremely special for me to have my very own box to put "secret things" into.  For some reason I felt more grown up having a little privacy and knowing my parents wouldn't be able to find the key.  The random objects I put in the box were my little secret. 

I knew Malachi felt the same way, and God began to speak. 

Our hearts are very precious to Jesus.  There are treasures galore that only he can see, because he holds the key to our hearts. 

I put the pencil box on Malachi's bed knowing that he would see it as he got into bed that evening, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I really wanted to see his reaction. 

I told him to go check his bed because I thought I saw something for him there.  He ran into his room and a few minutes later ran back into the kitchen with the key in his left hand and the pencil box in his right. 

I'm pretty sure he thanked me 20 times. 

My heart burst open from his overflowing gratitude.  The joy of giving was enough to put a smile on my face, but it brought me even more pleasure to see his beaming face and child-like excitement. 

In the midst of observing his thrill, revelation of God's affections for his children occupied my thoughts. 

I wonder how God feels when I thank him and appreciate his blessings??

He must be overjoyed when I acknowledge him and thank him for the gifts he gives.  There's so much to be thankful for and so many ways to move his heart through thanksgiving. 

My heart was so full seeing Malachi's response to my simple gift giving. 

How much better of a gift giver is God?

When we thank God for a gift we should have crowds gathered to gaze upon the symbols and fruit of his faithfulness and goodness, just like Zane (Malachi's brother), was bending over backwards to get one glimpse of the small gift Malachi had received.  The kitchen was full of excitement as we watched Malachi radiate joy. 

Every time we thank God and tilt our head toward heaven, his eyes light up and lock onto the face of his appreciative child.

There are innumerable things to be thankful for.  Thank God for his gifts, for it is from his hand that blessings flow.

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